The New York Press Club Awards for Journalism

6 June 2016 - The Water Club
383A6066 DO4A9439 DO4A9522 DO4A9425
383A6037 DO4A9453 DO4A9432 DO4A9451
383A6056 DO4A9552 DO4A9461 DO4A9581
383A6070 DO4A9572 DO4A9595 DO4A9474
DO4A9603 DO4A9546 DO4A9544 DO4A9565
DO4A9650 DO4A9519 DO4A9779 DO4A9625
DO4A9619 DO4A9635 383A6072 383A6077
DO4A9643 DO4A9684 DO4A9688 DO4A9695
DO4A9697 DO4A9699 DO4A9701 DO4A9702
DO4A9704 DO4A9705 DO4A9706 DO4A9707
DO4A9708 DO4A9711 DO4A9712 DO4A9713
DO4A9715 DO4A9724 DO4A9725 DO4A9727
DO4A9728 DO4A9729 DO4A9730 DO4A9731
DO4A9733 DO4A9734 DO4A9736 DO4A9738
DO4A9741 DO4A9743 DO4A9744 DO4A9745
DO4A9746 DO4A9748 DO4A9750 DO4A9752
DO4A9753 DO4A9754 DO4A9755 DO4A9756
DO4A9757 DO4A9758 DO4A9759 DO4A9761
DO4A9762 DO4A9764 DO4A9765 DO4A9766
DO4A9767 DO4A9768 DO4A9769 DO4A9770
DO4A9771 DO4A9773 DO4A9775 DO4A9777
DO4A9778 DO4A9782 DO4A9783 DO4A9784
DO4A9786 DO4A9785 DO4A9788 DO4A9790
DO4A9796 DO4A9799 DO4A9802 DO4A9804
DO4A9797 DO4A9805 DO4A9806 DO4A9808
DO4A9809 DO4A9813 DO4A9814 DO4A9816
DO4A9818 DO4A9819 DO4A9821 DO4A9823
DO4A9824 DO4A9825 DO4A9826 DO4A9828
DO4A9831 DO4A9836 DO4A9845