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Mike Wallace is Here

You're Invited to a FREE Preview Screening of the new documentary, Mike Wallace is Here

Members and friends of the New York Press Club have been invited to an exclusive, advance screening of the new documentary, Mike Wallace is Here, scheduled to open in theaters July 26th. The film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January.

Wednesday, July 10, 6:30 pm
Dolby 88 Theater
1350 Avenue of the Americas @ 55th Street (Ground Floor)
New York, NY 10019

Seating is limited, so please enter your FREE registration now by emailing us at


MIKE WALLACE IS HERE offers an unflinching look at the legendary reporter, who interrogated the 20th century's biggest figures in his over fifty years on air, and his aggressive reporting style and showmanship that redefined what America came to expect from broadcasters. Unearthing decades of never-before-seen footage from the 60 Minutes vault, the film explores what drove and plagued Wallace, whose storied career was entwined with the evolution of journalism itself.

Directed by Avi Belkin.


Director                        Avi Belkin
Producers                     Rafael Marmor/John Battsek/Peggy Drexler/Christopher Leggett/Avi Belkin
Executive Producer    Angus Wall
Co Producer                 Zoe Morrison
Associate Producer    Natalie Goldberg
Editor                            Billy McMillin
Associate Editor          Kevin Otte


Peter O.E. Bekker Memorial Scholarship
The New York Press Club to is excited to announce an amazing opportunity for your students: The Peter O.E. Bekker Scholarship Award.

This scholarship is available to undergraduate Journalism majors and students completing their Masters in Journalism in New York.

Two scholarships will be awarded, one in the amount of $5000 and one for $3000. The winners will be announced before Labor Day. The winners will also be asked to attend the New York Press Club's Journalism Conference luncheon on September 7 to accept their award.

Applying for this very special scholarship is simple. Click here and fill out the form by completing the 2 questions on the site in an essay or a producing a 1 minute video answering the questions for project.

The deadline for submission is July 15th.

Should you have any questions, please email us
jawards winners!

The winners for the 2019 jAwards have been selected.

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Membership Renewal

Since the press club was founded in 1948 journalists have joined together to learn from each other. Every year many of us gather for the Journalism Conference, awards presentation and various events but none of this can happen with out you. We need your help and commitment to continue the great tradition of the press club. Please take a moment and rejoin today.

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The following statement was issued today by Jane Tillman Irving, president of the New York Press Club:  

Today, August 16, news organizations across the country have joined in a concerted effort to defend a fundamental American value, the freedom of the press, against attacks by the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump. Mr. Trump has continually excoriated the press as producers of "fake news" who "only make up stories," and branded the news media "the enemy of the people."

Newspapers are responding to a call from the Boston Globe to publish editorials against what it called "the danger of the administration's assault on the press." The Radio Television Digital News Association encouraged broadcast and online news outlets to devote time and space to emphasizing "the role the media play in preserving the public's right and need to know."

The members of the New York Press Club know that our job as journalists is to seek the truth and present it fairly and objectively.  Our colleagues have done so since the founding of the Republic, despite criticism from many sources. Difficulties, obstacles, attacks and increasing physical dangers encouraged by this president notwithstanding, we pledge to continue that pursuit. Our very democracy depends upon it.

Jane Tillman Irving
President, the New York Press Club


(Irving was interviewed by reporter Mike Sacks on FOX5 News on Monday, July 23, 2018).

The sudden dismissal of more than half of the newsroom staff at the New York Daily News is a great loss for our fellow journalists, our city, and our democracy.

The news media are under fire from so many sources, and those who fail to recognize the danger that poses to our democratic system are not paying attention. The first layer of democracy - that which affects us first and most directly - is at the local level: your subway, your suburb, your school district, your block. The men and women of the Daily News knew how to dig deeply into an issue, and because of that, the paper won two Pulitzer Prizes in recent years for coverage that had a major impact on the people who live and work in this area.

The old economic model that once made this a seven newspaper town is not coming back, but surely a new system can and must be developed that allows these talented news people to keep their jobs and continue performing the vital public service they do so well.


Updated NYC Parking List

This list was compiled by New York Press Club member Alex Silverman of WCBS Newsradio 880, and should be considered a work in progress. Please direct comments, questions and corrections to Alex at Alex Silverman
(Photo: Staton Rabin for the New York Press Club. June 5, 2017. New York Press Club Journalism Awards dinner. The Water Club, NYC)

New York journalism has lost a legend and a moral compass with the passing of our friend Gabe Pressman.

A tenacious seeker of the truth, there was no greater defender of the First Amendment than Gabe Pressman. He fought ferociously for journalists' rights. When he delivered his annual Free Press message at the Press Club's Journalism Awards dinner on June 5 (pictured), he was crystal clear: The First Amendment is under attack, and we can't let our guard down. We can't give up. We have to keep fighting for our rights as journalists.

Gabe's contributions to the field of journalism extended far beyond what his viewers saw on television. It was his hard work behind the scenes that kept the cameras rolling when some would have preferred they be turn off; he kept public meetings open, when some would have preferred they be closed.

Gabe was a mentor to countless young (and not-so-young) journalists. A compliment from Gabe meant you had done your job well.

The New York Press Club mourns the loss of our dear friend and colleague Gabe Pressman. Our thoughts are with Vera and Gabe's extended family.

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